Greasy Jungle

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Greasy jungle metropolis noir
Easy tangles the easiest so far
I drove down your road
To hazeldean where i tasted
Your funeral home's sandwiches and coffee
I saw your hands melt into one another
I saw you grieve and grow
Care a lot about one another
I stood at your sink
And i felt your warm water
I washed your dishes
And i looked out your kitchen window where i
Saw a soulful gymnast
Melt in the air and shudder
Just above the snow
Making moves that just weren't there
Velvet callow with wet hands
I turned out the lights and
Breathing shallow hesitated
Then went upstairs where
I picked up your housecoat
Dried my hands and
Touched your hair
And just then you awoke
You could never really barely care
Greasy jungle metropolis noir

Autor(es): The Tragically Hip

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