Great Blue

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I've like blue things since I was a child
Spent the day looking at the sky
When I looked at the sea I really went wild
Dive deep inside just to satisfy
Perfect place, perfect high, paradise
My blue eye

I want some blue
That's why I look at the sky
The sea turns to a muddy pond before my eye
So what to me, there's nothing that blue can't outweigh
Now what the blue has it all faded away

One day for that blue I got something white
White's got a lot combined
I felt more colors than held in the light
Now white has got me entwined
From that day my whole life brings me to that cool white

For white I did many things people can't say
That's where I find my Utopia everyday
The sea ain't blue but it's cool as before
No blue, no sky, I don't need the blues anymore

Great blue
Leave you behind
But oh, do you come to mind

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