Walter Egan

Greatest Gift

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I Awake to My Beating Heart
You Save My Soul From Falling Apart
Say Goodbye I'm Leaving the Race
How I Long For Your Embrace
How Long Did It Take Me to Find?
So Close I Won't Be Left Behind
I Believe and to You I Confess
I Gave Up On Me
But You Showed Me Happiness

Your Love Is the Greatest Gift I Could Hope to Receive
I'm On My Way to Being So Complete
I'd Make no Change to a Perfect Idea
Your Love Is the Greatest Gift I Have Ever Seen

I Found Was Missing Inside
No Longer Does This Girl Need to Hide
Lay Me Down That I May Be Strong
'cause Together Is Surely Where We Belong

Nightly I Pray, no Harm Befalls You
Needless to Say, It's All I Can Do
Your Every Desire I Promise no Less
It's True I Can Say, Because of You I've Found Happiness