Great Fury (Inside)

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Is being born...
In the ashes of collapse
The shade of a new age
On ruins of the ancient
All colours have vanished
And a breath of grey
Can it help anymore?

Can it cause any harm?
Statues of the past
Are destroyed
Though i do my best
They're not any closer

There's a thousand new ones
I've got'em when i want
I hear the voices, saying:
Take'em they'll be yours!
I look around
Which way's best to go?

Only a miracle
Can get back what's been lost
Too much answers
Painted black'n'white
The age of last confession
They bear prophecies insane

Great fury inside me
Destroys it all
I've got enough of this world
Where i feel so low
Great fury inside me
I wanna throw it out!
Life still hurts to the core
Dreams about heaven remain.

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