Great Hall Of Reinxeed

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For many years we lived in peace
The kingdom of reindhill
And heelh we were unite
But soon it all would end
We held the key to a better world
The sun and the moon
Were united in one force
Everyone were free

Tears of an angel
They're crying then i know
This is the end of our perfect harmony

In the great hall of reinxeed
The langarin still lies
We have come to set it free
The spirit will not die

I can not see
How such cruelty can win
If there is a god
Then he will help me
Fight and win!

Trough the storm i heard them say
The land of heelh
Was no longer in their hands
The time has come for us to go
How could we know?
A flower called langarin
Where sent from above
To heal the power in our heart

Now it is gone
It's been locked inside the temple wall
Is this the end of our perfect harmony?

Autor(es): Tommy Johansson

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