Great Men Repeat Themselves

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You've all heard it said that history repeats itself
Did you know that great men repeat themselves also
I repeat myself a lot repeat myself a lot repeat myself a lot
Do you think that it's a coincident that the name Lyndon contains six letters
That the name batman contains six letters also
At batman's side stands the boy wonder Robin
At Lyndon's side stands the wonder boy Hubey
And the names Robin and Hubey each contain five letters
The names Gotham City and Washington each contain ten letters
The names Mr Robert S McNamara and Commissioner Gordan
Both contain eighteen letters and that's a bunch of 'em
The names riddler and Degaull each contain seven letters
That is if you spell Degaul with one L
On the other hand they contain eight letters
If you spell Degaull with two L's and riddler with three D's
Now batman's batmobile is in reality an experimental model Lincoln Continental
And Lyndon's Lincoln Continental is in reality an experimental model batmoblie
You didn't know that
Behind a cape crusader stands a young bird named Robin
Behind the tall Texan stands a lady crusader named Byrd
There are fifty-two weeks in a year you knew that
Seven days in a week add two for the number
Of beegle hounds in the family and you get nine
The square root of nine is three
Divide this by a wife and two daughters and you get one
And there is only one batman
On the other hand you take one and divide by five and you get a fifth
You get a fifth and I'll get a fifth and we'll get on with it
Besides that the name superman and Fred Flintstone
Both contain seven eight no that's not going to work out
But the name Huckleberry Hound contains sixteen letters all by itself
And that's pretty unusual for a dog don't you think
If you need more proof that great men do repeat themselves
In October 1965 batman said and I quote to the batmoblile Robin
And in July he said and I quote again
To the batmoblie Robin of course that was on a re-run
And as farther proof that great men do indeed repeat themselves
Uh repeat themselves uh repeat themselves

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