Great What?

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This is the country you're supposed to be free. The democratic society
You're only free if you accept their views. And if you don't they'll imprison you
Young gangs fighting for respect, but everyone's a police suspect
The rich say anything for extra money. We are their prostitutes and they think its funny
This is the country that's supposed help you, but only the privileged get a fall out shelter
The police force, army, Government and more. The tight arse shits who will start the war
This fucking place is in a mess. The usual people are being oppressed
Kept at bay by piles of pointless laws. And all reasons kept safe behind closed doors
The reasons that they keep from you are the reasons that they've got you beat
They turn you against people like you, people like you on the street
Fighting wars is senseless; this country is not great
Wars are fixed by people who surround themselves with hate
Great Britain thinks it leads the world so civilised, pure and free
Great Britain doesn't lead fuck all, Great Britain, shit, you don't fool me
Smashing Argies - Falklands' ours, Falklands' ours - what a con?
We ain't even got a place to stick our arses on
Fighting wars in Russia, fighting wars in Spain, killing in Northern Ireland, it's all the fucking same.

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