Greedy Awful People

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I used to like my neighbourhood
It really made me feel good
Until they brought a church and steeple
Greedy awful people

They drive those fuckin' awful cars
And go to rich and shitty bars
Greedy awful people

I'm sad and lonely baby
'Cause I can't live among my class
I'm thinkin' only baby
About scorin' your peice of ass

They buy the channels on TV
And visit every place they see
And ruin it instantly
Greedy awful people

They always clap on the wrong beat
They're wearin loafers on their feet
Greedy awful people

I'm sad and lonely baby
Because I can't live among my class
I am thinkin' only baby
About scoring your peice of ass

'Cause I'm upper class
Greedy awful people
They bother me so
I don't wanna know
Greedy awful people
Throw 'em in a hole
I get all out of control
Greedy awful people
This is the last chorus
I don't wanna bore us


Greedy awful people

Autor(es): Iggy Pop / Ron Asheton / Scott Asheton

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