Greedy Eyes

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You Gonna Talk About Your Social Body
For Many Years At Every Party, Anywhere,
Oh Anywhere Meanwhile The Sky Has Turned Into Heaven
For Every Boss Must Find His Level, Anywhere, Oh Anywhere

Some People Starve At Any Moment Anywhere
Some Have No Beer But Swollen Abdomens Anywhere
Some People Say There's A Better Next World Anywhere
But In The End We Leave No Body On The Ground

No Force Of Arms Can Save Our Parties
Can't Do Away With Tortured Bodies, Anywhere, Oh Anywhere
We Speculate Trust In The Future
But On The Scene Are Winnin' Loosers Everywhere,
Oh Everywhere

I'm Growin' Fat, I Gotta Move With The Times, Anyway
While In Sudan They're On Their Last Legs, Anyday
We Kill The Earth, She's Gonna Pay In Kind Be Sure Sometime
It's Like A Game, Like Heads Or Tails, But Some Remain !

See All The Ragged Kids Without A Face
Billions Of Greedy Eyes (Billions Of Greedy Eyes)
They Look At Me, They Look At You In Vain
Heaven Is Out Of Sight (Heaven Is Out Of Sight)
(Tonight, Tonight, Tonight)
How Dare You
(Tonight, Tonight, Tonight)
Don't Dare To Close My Eyes

Autor(es): B. Frenzel / B. Noske

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