Greedy Room

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Read me between the lines
There's not much to see
And i'm not feeling fine
I only take it in one certain way
I know what it's like to feel
The pain in what you mean
If i guess, guess i'm feeling,
Feeling coming out of me

Well i'll take from the giving and
Then give to the lesser kind
It's too bad you don't feel that way,
That's the way i'm going to put me and mine

I don't want anymore than this
My head is spinning in a mess
Take me to the place i've never been
So i can let out my darkest greed
Ohh it's a greedy room

And fly me into cushion room
And witches flying on their brooms
Cranky blooded flies
You only want to see me where i lie

I'll give you a certain brood
Only one can see in a chestnut mood
Cannot remain
Things they haven't done just yet

Well fly me into a board
Where no one sees an endless lie
I sat on a wall of different souls
Leaving brick and stone, and cheese and wine

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