Greener Grass

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I've been looking for some dirt
Maybe even something back in the city
Something situated close to the hustle
But with some space from the shitty
My captive comrades
Sandwiched 'neath each other
Amidst the dirt and din
I'm still envious that they're
Spitting distance from the heavens

The concrete bridges that span the highway are pretty
The concrete bridges that span the highway are ugly
I wanna live inside a house
That's a wilderness
Where no one goes
I wanna drink from a well
And swim the lakes and rivers
Cut into the overgrowth

I've been sleeping outside
In the summertime of this winter
I've been dozing off down the garden
Every night before dinner
The days go by with the stock supplies
And adrenaline
I'm slightly sickened by my state
But that's what got me in

All of the songs I sing for silence
For them to leave me alone
Would give me solace
For then I've nothing left to say
No petty small talk in the way

Autor(es): Koski

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