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I used to let you win
You know what I'm thinking
We're gonna let it in
You know it falls on the ground
Just hold my hand
For now and forever
But when the season ends
You will be gone for long

The things we did back then
I know we were young but
We used to let it in
Seems like it all comes
'round again
We had big plans
Thought that they'd last forever
Now I don't understand
That you are gone for long

But my soul can't take
That my soul won't wait
I got overwhelmed by my hometown
There is no way out
And again I shout
That I'm still so proud of my hometown

oh oh oh
You are gone
I'm still right here

Autor(es): Arne Schult / Dominic Lorberg / Gordian Scholz / Micka Schürmann / Simon Hartog

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