Envy On The Coast

Green Eyes Don't Lie

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Bathroom stalls and backseats
Roadside motels is where they'll meet
Will they ever learn?
Clothes hit the floor before you blink
Here naked heart begins to sink
Forget her name with one more drink.
Will they ever learn?
He's gone before the morning
You're never gonna see the dawning
Of this beautiful day.
My baby's eyes, they don't lie
They got what you've been trying to find,
And we found it on the way.
So did the thought cross your mind?
That there is something more to life
Than bed sheets and blankets full of lies.
Five to one, to five to one, to one to five.
The lies, the lust, the trust, the random loveless fucks
The lust, the lust, the lust, the lust, the lust.
The shorter the skirt, the greater the fame.

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