Green Green Grass

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Now the snakes have grown legs, in some cases wings,
Stabbing backs of the friends, burning words and things,
Let's watch the sky turn pink, and watch the piggies
Feed, as the green green grass rocks the world to sleep...

When you finally fall from grace and everybody turns and
Laughs, watch out for the snakes in the green green grass,
When you're friends keep blowing kisses, then they stab
You in the back, watch out for the snakes in the green
Green grass, when the swine comes to save you, but there
Still wearing masks, watch out for the snakes in the green
Green grass...

[Verse 1:]
I see the green green grass taint the world with my suspicion,
I'd give my head for angel wings, cause this life is so
Delicious, my little ribs are blown out, a hypocrite, we're
Chasing snakes, we're knee high to buckle up, so no fangs
Will penetrate, I'm just a cozy little hunter, baiting words
In bear traps, smearing bodies laced in honey, try and catch
A handicap, I'm playing stacked, flying pig, so the little
Girls will love me, mind the traps kitty, kitty, cause these
Snakes are awful lonely, feeling bloated cause my traps
Have yet to sling a serpent, staining the ground with there
Bellies, cause there scales are just so perfect, they've
Grown heads and sprout wings, let's stop and try and pluck
Them, I do this all for the kids, if they don't like it
Mother fuck em...


[Verse 2:]
I see the pink, pink sky start to fall from the heaven's,
Watch the soaring piggies crash, while the world is rolling
Sevens, now the snakes have grown legs, they roam and walk
The earth, stalking all the loving farmers, try and drain
Of all their worth, but when the traps start to stick them,
Watch em run like wascally wabbits, twisting knives in our
Backs, cause busting hoes is a habit, I can't stand it, sweet
Dreams, cause the slings are always set, is a man a loving
Snake? watch him burn like dirty sex, I put to test, daily
Hunters who lust and sleep with innocence, never trust your
Self a serpent, cause this world is full of invalids...

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