Hominy grove

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Off the wall wallflower
Now the dance has begun
It's our shining hour 'til all our dancin' is done
Mammy Whammy Jammy cookin' up on a stove
For me and my Buttercup
Things have been lookin' up in Hominy Grove.
Sweet Hominy!

You the wild wild flower
that my garden has grown
How I in your power
And you a rake on you own!
Hottentot Hot Toddy Cinnamon and a clove
For lovin' our lovin' cup
Things have been lookin' up
Sweet Hominy!

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My whole heart's affection
Would I lay at your feet
Why one man's confection could be another man's sweet?
Weave in my direction When the web has been woven
Stick us together like
Birds of a feather.
Sweet Hominy!

Autor(es): Martin Kibbee / Van Dyke Parks

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