Green Linnet

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Curiosity led a young native of Erin
For to view the lone banks of the Rhine
Where an empress he saw and the robe that she was wearing
All over with diamonds did shine
No goddess in splendour was ever yet seen
To equal this fair maid so mild and serene
In soft murmers she cried, "Oh, my linnet so green
Sweet Boney, will I ne'er see you more"
The cold frosty Alps you did freely pass over
Which nature had placed in your way
At Marengo, Beltona around you did hover
All Paris rejoiced the next day
It grieved me the hardships you did undergo
The mountains that you travelled all covered with snow
But the balance of power your courage laid low
Sweet Boney, will I ne'er see you more
The crowned heads of Europe they were in great splendour
And they swore they would have you submit
But the goddess of freedom soon had them surrender
And they lowered their standards to your wit
Old Frederik's colours to France he did bring
His offspring found shelter under your wing
That year at Vienna you so sweetly did sing
Sweet Boney, will I ne'er see you more
What numbers of men there were eager to slay you
Their malice you viewed with a smile
Their gold through all Europe was found to betray you
They joined with the Mamelukes on the Nile
Like ravenous vultures their vile passions did burn
The orphan they slew and caused the widow to mourn
But my linnet he is gone and he never will return
Sweet Boney, will I ne'er see you more
I have roamed through the deserts of wild Abyssinia
And could yet find no cure for my pain
I will go and enquire at the isle of Saint Helena
But soft whispers murmer " 'tis vain "
Come tell me ye muses, come tell me in time
What nations I must rove my green linnet to find
Was he slain at Waterloo in France or on the Rhine?
No - he's dead on St Helena's bleak shore

Autor(es): Jörgen Elofsson

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