Honey Bear

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Tell me Why I Am so Scared

Tell me, tell me, tell me that you love me
Tell me, tell me, I'm your honey bear
Tell me, tell me, I can be your cubby
Tell me I am your chocolate eclair
Tell me that you are somewhere above me
Tell me, tell me, and I won't be scared

Once I was a linebacker in college
Once they put my picture on the wall
Once I ate much more than I could swallow
Once I had so very far to fall
Once I had a father I could follow
Once he hardly hated me at all

Now I am an unemployed policeman
Now my pickup needs to be repaired
Now I wait for you to gag and grease me
Now I hope you'll hold me by the hair
Now I live in shadows of my dreams and
Hope to be your humble honey bear

Autor(es): The Residents

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