Green Room

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Pretty girl weeps in pearly green room,
blood falls from her swollen lip like wine,
morning creeps into her sleepy green room
to find that she has finally lost her mind.

Waiting for the play to take her away
from her day to day.

Sun streams in through golden window shade,
on the wooden floor a bed is made,
in the sunlight hovers dust, in the dark covers lust,
the lovers that she trusted got away.

Candles light the ceiling of her green room,
one more time with feeling, if you please,
paranoia sweeps, clean the darkness keeps
all her fickle dreams at bay.

Among strangers love´s a dangerous game,
to the creatures of the night it´s all the same,
passion has its price, insanity´s your vice,
it will turn your lover´s eyes to clay.

Autor(es): Two Dollar Guitar

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