Green Thumb Dementia

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I hate it when I survey my lawn, and this weed is encroaching everything
The irritating plant destroying my driveway, to its roots my fingers cling
And though with every effort, and every spray I can muster
This dang weed infests my lawn and life in barbaric cluster
How can I kill the lawn weed?
How can I make the grass bleed?
At war I am with Digitaria
Striking at its core green thumb dementia
It spreads like a disease
But that crass grass will not latch
It knows no boundaries
It's finally met its match
Let the seed's death begin This is a war I will win
I will fight and take this battle to a new level as yet seen
I will implement a multiple stage chemical war machine
Pre-emergent herbicides seems to be the key
I will infest and dig them up and plant non invasive grass seed

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