Amy Martin

Green Valley

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I woke up this morning in a place where everything was red
And it was just as pretty as everybody said
But I've been gone two weeks, and it feels like ten
I want to see my green valley again

So I hopped in my truck and I started to drive
And 15 hours later I had arrived
From the top of that Lost Trail Pass
I did a swan dive, I fell into Montana at last

Get me home to my green valley
Where the mountains feel like family
Oh lay me down in that soft dry ground
And mix my tears with a million years of beauty

Venus and Jupiter and Mars are all in a line
They're pointing at me, and saying, girl, you know it's time
To make decisions, to make up your mind
What's it gonna be, girl, what's it gonna be

Well maybe I've been asking the wrong questions
Maybe it's the how, and not the what, or the when
Maybe I don't want to spend my life in motion
But what then, what then?

Oh bury me 'neath the Ponderosa Pines
With Rattlesnake Creek rushing by
Get my friends to come play some mountain tunes
And have yourself a good time
We're gonna have a good time
When I get home…

You can love a person, and you can love a place
How it looks, how it sounds, what it does and does not say
You can miss it hard and deep when you're away
And you can write a love song to it
This is a love song to my home, to my green valley