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Outside the river
In the dark swamp
Submerged by the eternal darkness
He dwells an orc

His skin was colored by flakes
And his mouth and hands
Were formed by fangs and mortal claws

In the dark of the caves he lives
King of darkness and night
Eternal was his desire of flesh

From ever he haunted the marshes
Looking for preys
Between the darkness was his den
Far from light

Grendel was his name
Grendel, the beast of Denmark
His curiosity was attracted by the feasting sound
That comes from the palace of Heorot
But his eyes couldn't resist at the torches light
And thus he could only wander
In the dark fens

One night when light turned off
He came to Heorot
As a shade he was
Surprising everyone during sleep

Grendel started to slaughter corpses
Twenty soldiers be killed
Taking their heads

Before he return into the moor
Many lives he turned off
Before the return to his lair
He painted the night with blood

Outside the deer in the dark swamps
Submerged by the eternal darkness
Were dwells an orc

Grendel behind him left alone
The scarlet of blood
And the black of death

Grendel was his name
Grendel, the orc of Denmark