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Dumb as dirt and twice as mean, such a son makes Mother crazy
Foul as sewers I have seen, ugly, loutish, large and lazy
That's the child I've had to raise, what's a mom to do?
Drag him in an ocean cave and stay to watch him, too

Son of mine you've been a disappointment since your birth
Now I've had to bury you in this cold Northern earth
I know you would be sorry if you weren't so very dead
But you never listened to a word I said

Everybody has to rest, even I got sleepy
Sonny left our little nest on errands cruel and creepy
Came back with a haunch of man gnawed down to the bone
Left each night from that day on as I slept like a stone

Vikings gathered in their hall, heroes all in war delighting
When my Grendel came to call, he was met with mighty fighting
One among them took his arm, ripped it off for good
Chased him to our ocean home and killed him where he stood

When I found my wine was spiked, it was far too late to aid him
Though there wasn't much I liked I was often glad I made him
So I must avenge him now, what's a mom to do?
If he was yours anyhow, I'll bet that you would too

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