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Down in the city lights of god
No more the circle turns to break
And in our moral lies we yearn to relate
For all the beauty that you're not
And all the plans you never made
In our bleak decay pretend to elate
One by one escape the dead...

One day, one day, our souls will leave the grey
One day, one day, the everlasting grey

We always fear the downfall
While we are sinking down in shame
And we await our chance to fear and remain
We are the watchers of our fall
We wait for trains that never leave
And in our robot minds we yearn to believe
One by one escape the dead
Your tragedy is god

Lay your head down in plastic water
Lay your head, words as frail as life can be
Words as grey as misery
Words as fake as life can be

Autor(es): Flowing Tears

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