Grey Game

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It's not hard to remember
just takes a little time
that's something that you won't make
but love takes time
or so we're told
and you have promises left to break

I only asked for surrender
to your feelings deep inside
but you forgot what we were about
now we've come this far
have we come far enough?
not if you're filled with fear and doubt

I need you, more than words can explain
and I miss you, looking out the window at the falling rain
and I need you, to help me through the times of pain
and I miss you, comforting me through life's grey game

You walked away from pain
and stumbled into life
hoping this time things would turn around
with problems on your mind
and running out of time
still wondering if what's lost can be found

If I could wait forever
I could wait another day
and if you still love me
it's time for you to say


Now it's time to make up your mind
and leave all the hard times behind
to put your future in the past
doing all you can to make it last

Take a walk with me
and a piece of our memory
down an old path far from forgotten
and along the way
take a glance back
and recognize the web that you're caught in


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