Honour & Courage

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Kill with honour and courage
Kill with righteous anger
They are just a bunch of fuckin' wankers
Feed on the blood
Of the fuckin' cowards

Kill maim burn
There is no return
Stand up and fight
There is no end in sight

Honour and courage

Give no quarter
War and murder
We are blood knights
Riding through the night

Murder, war and death
It's our final breath
We stand in the battle line
To kill the fucked up swines

Honour and courage

We come to get them all
We show no fuckin' mercy
We bring the fuckin' warfare
We bring the fuckin' pain

Honour and courage

Honour and courage
We give no quarter
Honour and courage
We live for murder
Honour and courage
Fire and steel
Honour and courage
Before us you will kneel

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