Grey To Blue

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How long must I wait
The hopes that I chase
Whether it's too late
If my bird has flown away

The dreamer you've been
Your little girl has become
What should I do
Your plans fell through for you
But I must believe in myself
But I must believe in myself

Don't say goodbye
Two birds are flying high
And I must leave on a wind only for the few
Dangerous and lonely times there may be
She's forever asking will she leave
Is this what a dreamer should feel

Just over those clouds
A beauty awaits
Horizons and gates
To green fields old and new

A taste of a life calling
The smiles and their hands waving me in
Look down my precious town
Happiness begins for me now
Happiness begins for me now

Don't say goodbye
I will fly much higher still
A taste of pride, giving in's such a bitter pill
Even though there's much that I'll never know
Deep inside my heart these feelings grow
I'd rather not give up my dream

Don't say goodbye
Are the clouds forever new
Inspiring me feather's can change from grey to blue
Every second children are being born
I can keep the world they enter warm and still
Full of the spirit of dawn

Autor(es): Hiroyuki Sawano

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