Grieving In My Heart

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In my heart the tears are falling in my dreams I'm always calling
For your love but you keep stalling now there's grieving in my heart
Oh I feel so forsaken and this lonely heart keeps achin'
And I guess I'll go on waitin' with this grieving in my heart
Cause I know that I still love you and I place no one above you
And I'm always thinkin' of you but there's grieving in my heart
[ guitar ]
Why did you even take me then so suddenly forsake me
Now you act just like you hate me left grieving ineart
Guess I can hardly met you but I guess I'll have to take you
I need you leave and break you with grieving in my heart
Oh we could start all over if you just come back tomorrow
There'll be no pain and sorrow and grieving in my heart

Autor(es): Stonewall Jackson

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