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Grimb!, Grim. Gell me grimble,.. grimble u find a choong girl u thinks it all blessed okay, shes got bumper and breats okay,
I don't rush tings when it's buff tings but fuck it they're all the same girls are girls it's okay.
I'm a star in the making uno, so it's not hard 2 get laid it easy, all you got do is be someone uno, everyday my name gets mention uno,
I mite link that grim on the regular, but I don't love that grim, uno twice a year I mite slam it, but we ain't gettin married, not me I'm cold uno, I'm the black double 0 7
It's not ready for me, I put cash before gash uno, I'm a rude boy uno, crossfire pull up to the yard like uno.

U got a new girl and she looks choong but u didn't know your girl was a grim,
Trus' me I know I'm wiley you know me blud it ain't a joke ting
U know I ain't joking blud I'll just leave it if I told you cause u wouldn't believe it
Your girl shes a grim I wouldn't have no grim as my ting.

One thing I'll never forget is if a girls buff shes already met like three thousand similar black boys
That wanna impress her with cars and toys,
I wanna try change her mind around so I'll take a different approach
But, if shes already been sent around like a zoot then I ain't feelin the roach but
Don't think I'll turn her down all that means that she not wifyable, I'll still get da one jook now
Don't try kiss me though fool I see it all, come on man I get gash
Don't try kiss my neck and move to my face you must think I'm a wasteman
I know where your lips ave been they can't touch my face.

I used to see her all the time she was 5'9 light, skinny she was fine but grim,
Long hair green eyes, fat thighs, big breasts, big legs, she was nice and slim.
I think she was half nigerian and half cyprian, she was more than buff, but little did I know she was more then enough
For everyone, I thought I was exclusive, when she belld me I must of been stupid,
To think that I was the only one, but what can I say I was only young still, I learned I coulda got burnt
Could of been too late if I wouldn't of heard those two boys talkin down her road when
I was walkin to her house

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