Grimie Thang

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[Verse 1: Extra Kool]
Big Time, Extra Kool, it's the Grimies,
I got 1.98$ in my bank account, yeah I got
A few fans and they love me now, I give them
Free shows, T-shirts, stickers and CD's, autographs
Mix tapes and bare hugs if they please,
Because I do these things they think I'm stacking
Chips, but to be really honest, I'm not even
Close to rich, I'm stacking quarters, pennies,
Nickles and dimes, I'm taking loan after loan
Just to give them these lines, I sit alone in my
Office 5 days a week, still struggle to pay bills
Can't afford to eat, I can't walk these streets
With these songs in my head, I had to barrow
Money from Urs to release "Even's dead", yeah
I want gold teeth, I want platinum plagues, yeah
I want to tour more, I want to count them stacks,
I want a brand new Bentley for my girl to drive,
I want the radio to play me over a thousand times,
I want to get so big that my true fans hate me,
Hear my song so much it gets irritating, I want
Them to say I was better when I was broke and biter,
When I had no fans and a fear of quitters, but of
Everything I want most of all, I want the people
Just to play me and to love my songs, so I'm going
To continue to shine like a diamond ring,
Big Time and Extra Kool, it's a Grimie Thing...

[Verse 2: Time]
She come up to me and say she liked my set, she
Just want a free CD I bet, everyone wants a free shirt,
But they don't want my debt, my credit card is maxed
But I don't have one regret, you got to know your target
Market, and please your consumer, no middle man needed
Call me Frankie Lewis Jr. Dirty Lab's the label, I'm
My own distribution, these labels got a problem, that
I'm hotter than Houston, make your passion your job,
Your paper what you love, make your own money, put no
Corporation above, I'm kicking and pushing, but it's not
A skateboard, it's crap rap for your ears, that you
Should pay for, I give you all of my thoughts, I give
You all that I got, it's like a rhyme knew everything
That I've ever been taught, I'd rather die for my dreams
Then die for fame, so give me a dollar, it's a Grimie

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