Grind and Rewind

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Now the drums beat up again
For all true soldiers and gentlemen
Blood on my hands, and with blood on my mind
I am to slay and replay... I grind and rewind

The plots, the plans, the decadence
Make my life complete
Wars and tours and open sores
It's all I must repeat

Recycle pain - then kill again
Cause every mortal loss is an immortal gain

I've got a taste for the extreme
Yet how strange that may seem
I've joined forces with misery
With death I've built my team

Death squad elite
Kill and repeat
I grind and rewind

Everything is cursed where bombs and shells have burst
All mangled now where led and steel have done their worst

Killings I loop
With my death troop
And with murder I am one as I reload my gun

Grind and rewind

One shot, one chance to ease my fatal abstinence
I track and trace... and grind and rewind

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