Grind God

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Once upon a time, in the near England,
Young people who pushed music to its extreme limits.
They gathered to create their sounds
The most famous from them are known by you.

It was after that their vibrations
Have been immortalized that I began to exist.
My spirit spreads over the world, delivering
A macabre or satirical vision of your universe...

Tolerance, openmindedness or fanatical fundamentalism
Or a clever mix of both

I'm presenting you ideas that I convey
And as for the sounds, listen to the following...

Come to me Energy, source of everything
I feel it growing in me
And with it, Speed and Brutality
Here is the Holy Trinity

Grind God (x2)

From here results my power
A sonorous storm
An instinctual flood
The Apocalypse at each note

The voice has to be bestial or completely crazy
From the lowest to the highest tones
It is the Voice of the Speaking God
There is no Holy Books but Holy Sounds

To worship Me, all my Followers gather
Around a few bands celebrating me
And here comes Madness, Sweat, Energy

I am the Grind God !
Come to me my Children !

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