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See me - Put yourself in my place
Be me - Put my eyes in your face
Maybe then you´ll see why this place terrifies me
And why I´ve got to get myself away
So hard to deal with the ones who can´t feel
They continually blow my mind

No need - I´ve burned enough times myself
You´re like me - Sometimes you scare yourself
The things that you think
and the way that you feel
Makes you think you´re all alone
When you go outside
And try to find a familiar mind
It really lets you know that you´re on your own
So unknown

When those walls close in around you
When all about you doubt you
When the world can live without
Get a grip and keep it
You see how hard they´ll shove you
Hat your guts and tell you they love you
Get a grip right now
You see how far you get pushed
How long they´ll hold you down
Feed you kies
Drive you insane
Give you poison to kill your pain

Know me - I see the fear in your eyes
Pull back - There are some things to realize
so hard to deal with the ones who aren´t real
It´s unbelievable what they´ll put you thru
Twist you up inside
Filthify and punish your mind
You don´t have to live like that
You´ve got to get your self respect
Jump back, get your self respect
You´ve got to jump back
Keep your self respect intact
You´ve got to keep it like that
Your self respect

Autor(es): Rollins Band

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