Grizzly Gizzard

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James, why do you like soul food?
Cuz it makes me happy.

Pass the peas
Pass the peas
Pass the peas like we used to do

I'm just an old lizard with a grizzly gizzard my only desire's to be, permanently immortalized as a tattoo on your firm inner thigh, then each day I would heave and sigh and writhe and bite and whine and snarl...

At the land of paradise and milk and honey, just beyond my nose my eyes would never close. At your crotch I would stare both covered and bare - bare skin and panties and a tuft to tickle my chin, then the fun would just begin 'cause I've got a tail long and so swirly, to reach up and bury itself in your fur oh so curly, oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got a really groovy tongue but for now that's enough to make you...

Well, you know, I'm better than a big old dog any day.

Autor(es): Craig Flanagin / Kevin Lynn / Theresa Westerdahl

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