Groove Rock

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so here's what's goin' on inside my brain
can you tell me if you feel the same?
are you goin' insane?
well, you'd think that i'd have better things to do
than spend all my time with you
i've got to find something new

what you gonna say?
can we get away from here?
don't wanna hang around for another year
here's your last chance, you can show me what you got
let's get some bodies movin' and show me the hot spot

here it is, starin' at you right in the face
now throw your hands up in the air
we're gonna rock the place
ballyhoo! jammin' that groove rock style
the phattest little band you've ever seen in a while

so this is how i like to get down
with about 200 hundred of my friends
i look up ahead, the night ain't dead
and i can't see the end
i hate it at the final hour
yeah, that's where i stand
i love it when we get together
and i can jam with my band

groove rock stylin' is the place to be
and if you can handle it, you can jump into the pit
we came to jam on this energetic tip
mix the reggae music with the rock-and-roll-hip-hop
been doin' it a while and we're never gonna stop
i say, hey, you, say what's a matter, you?
i know you're feelin' good 'cause tonight it's ballyhoo!

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