Horizontal Mambo

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Every little tiny slice of life
Is part of a dance
Un pequena senorita
It's okay to act a little shy
In front of your friends
Venga con tres amigas

Might as well go ahead do
What you'll tell 'em all anyway
You can call it what you want
But this is what i'd say
Horizontal mambo
A tangled tantric tango
Sexy spicy salsa
Sabado noche samba
A thinly veiled siesta
I know you won't protesta
So baby why don't we go
Do the horizontal mambo

Rented a room there by the minute
A check in get's you half-clean linen
We both got so deep in it
I swear we could have been shot by vivid
Gulpin' gallons of guacamole
Submerge yourself in sour cream
Decide to dip yourself in queso
No need to keep it clean

Autor(es): Here Come the Mummies

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