Grotto Of Miracles

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Grotto Of Miracles :
Come on fuck
Let's go downtown
Got your credit report today
Said what dear daughter
Or faithless son
Would treat their father this way?
Throw you out
In the street
It's time to compete
In this darkened room
A slant-eyed glace
Shows the fineness of your breed

Look at him
A crawling worm
Guts are all filled with dirt
Yeah lookit there
Another worm
I'll crush him with a glance and a smirk
Yeah I'm the giant
Yeah I'm so smug
I'm free to stomp and burn
But it's a hollow victory
I'll sing and dance
It's nothing I've properly earned

Those swinging fool
Gets his chance
Started up on the dance floor
His only partner
Sleazy two-bit whore
By falling down
Earned your right to choose
Now the only chance
To be accepted
Is with the other Jews

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