Ground Breaking Ceremony

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Now the buildings go Back to where they came from by natural overthrow Trees and stone are eternal Empires come and go Now we have a better view of the mountains They are so much more majestic Than the kingdom(e) Now we do not have to crawl all over each other in
traffic for a view We can all see first we laid our
foundation down here on fault What the fuck were we thinking All the sages Who were locked up in cages Have come to reclaim this throne Let these animals roam To trample those monuments and everything they hold sacred Castles that crumble hold no value in thei place Where the earth shakes from the heards of elephants Marching into battle singing "Ohm na ma shivaya Ganesha, Ganesha" New lights needs room to run freely Without all of these obstacles taking up so much space The old crowd is breaking up and the old ground is breaking up To make way for a change

Autor(es): Himsa

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