Groundbreaking Sound

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I was young once not that I even remember it much
I would hide inside the headphones
And the music I'd touch
But the song I used to sing is just the dream of a kid
Who's abandoned, alone in the aisle

Out the window, now I'm looking at a world I don't know
And I'm blinded by the misery of the hardcore yo yo
And the red-eyed, brain friend
Anorexic princess whose soul died inside
The murder of the melody

I got a good way to dumb it down baby
You'll come around maybe when I'm in the ground
I'll be pushing up daisies, you could of saved me
Me and my groundbreaking sound

At the old school someone must of up
And died in the pool
Now they're burning down the house
And they're screaming it's cool
It's a wild west, huge mess, past tense tragedy
Totally uncomfortable, a zombie in a spelling bee

Could have saved me

[Chorus x1]

I'll sink, so low, down in the valley now
Farewell, long gone
No more tin alley now
It's close, no go
End of the rally now
Farewell, long gone
No more tin alley now

[Chorus x2]

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