Ground Subzero

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Reaching the level of the most useless lives
Clones are stealing everything making sense for us
Dividing the relationships, dividing the world
Reprobated Originals, scuttling from clones mankind horde

It is not a dream
We are less than a zero
We are lower than under ground
Reaching new level subzero ground, subzero ground

Living is a fucking nightmare with clones behind you
There's no such one who can discern between lie and truth
Murders or the terminations, it's our daily feed
Our world was overruled with hatred of clones breed

Desintegration of refusing throng
All you ever knew melts in chaos of drones

Ground subzero, all relatives I desiderate
Ground subzero, hate I feel, it suffocates

Reincarnation of our worst dreams
Sunset of humans, end is near it seems

Derelicts I meet each day in debris of their fate
Eyes empty, with no future, I feel despair too late

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