Growing Concern

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Toppling, smashing -
The statues go crashing,
And all of your ancient ideals,
Your morals we question,
Put them to testing,
Rules broken you thought were of steel,
Scrupleless children,
We number in millions,
Won't stand for any more of your crummy deals.
Growing concern
Priests are just rapists,
Who worship the dollar,
Get hardons from girls at the altar,
When in confession.
Laugh at your depression.
We pay for their sins
When they falter.
Teachers who profess,
We'll make them confess,
They've taught us not wisdom, but lies,
Burning their textbooks and archaic outlooks,
In society's funeral pyre.
Senators gain weight as the poor deflate,
Starve - as they vote themselves raises,
Finger on button, a nuclear glutton
Governing rats caught in mazes.
Parents who have raised us,
Have not taught but crazed us,
Priest who confessed us,
Have not cured but depressed us,
We'll turn and ignore as we head for the door,
Can't take no more.

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