Growing Up

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And you can listen to nature at peace you know
You can’t hear it?
Free you know
Like how it used to be
And I give thanks in every day
Be thankful in every way
And I give thanks in every day
Be thankful

I have found a reason to be thankful
Everyday since I said I would
What is shown, it’s not necessarily the
Things them that mean you no good
So be sure, when you trodding on you way
‘Member say you not alone inna the ting
Watch you focus, life so glorious
When you know it's just part of growing up

Physical life is secondary
Inner peace is mandatory
So which category do you fall in
This morning, got warning ensure my comprehension
Understand my calling
Help me understand this calming force
That my lioness posses when them swarming to us
In my palms the truest forms of herbs from farmers
Who is spiritual healers in these times upon us

Many times I’ve promised, many times I’ve broken
Too many times I’ve spoken
Quiet is thinking, him eyes naa blink catch the riot within him
The word from the mental to self
No take part inna things wah detrimental to health
Because the journey for spiritual wealth
May differ from the want that’s sentimentally felt

After every dark night there is a new day
And with every new day I pree a new way
That mean a one more gone
That mean a one less left
So one more chance fi make it one well spent
Man hell bent pon satisfy them own greed
A spend the money them don’t have pon what them don’t need
And ‘cause them don’t read that mean it don’t reason
A time for which there is just no season