Grown Ass Man

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Its not
Ay ay ay ay
Turn the lights down a little bit
Turn my mic up a lil bit
Ya'll ready ya'll ready

Here i stand a grown ass man
All by myself a grown ass man
A young nigga with some grown ass plans
Don't point fingers, you don't know that man
You dont know whats hard
You dont know whats pain
You aint lookin through that scope
You dont know its aim
Minus all the videos stickers and flyers
Most of these rappers are composive liars
They can't help it, they need some help
Tell me wat kind of nigga tell lies 2 himself
They'll turn round tell da same lies to his fans
Guess them real niggas in fantasy land
I cant wake you niggas up, you must be dreamin
Ya shit aint addin up you aint what ya seamin
Ya niggas is outta order like soda machines
Young jeezy keep it colder like soda machines
Ya aint never seen them pies
Im talkin so much white, it'll hurt ya eyes
I really lived it man
Counted so much paper it'll hurt ya hands
From the trucks to the rental to the grey hound bus
The same old shit and adrennalin rush
I tried to tell the people that the streets is watchin
Same time be safe cuz them peoples watchin
Two hundread thousand mix tapes later
From the streets of the chat to the hoods to the gator
Same young nigga made a killin with the snow
Turned right around and made a killin wit the flow
The whole city at my show, they recitin my words
I guess they like the way i recite them birds
Prolly go to jail for some of the shit i said
Realist nigga ever done it, breathin or dead
Two record deals, radio still wont play me
But i dont give a fuck, cuz them streets done made me
Said i was affiliated wit all them gangsta kids
Fuck ya thought i was gon do, turn my back on my niggas
Now i cant slow down, cuz its close to stoppin
Got errybody askin, when da album droppin
Da hottest nigga in da city, wit no radio play
When less is gettin dropped, we'll see wat u niggaz'll say

Trap or die nigga!

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