Life In Your Way

Growth In Passion

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Have you forgotten how it feels to be whole?
Reach out your hand and receive the gift of a greater freedom
Bound by the things we've done, is there hope for change?
This love it cannot be contained
I see growth in passion, i have passion for change
Can there be a cure with surrender, a treatment with complete sacrifice?
Have we lost how to truly give?
If only we could open our eyes to the needs of others close by, their holes would be realized, seeing in full
All clarity opened to me
Turning this place from separation to swells of compassion
I know kindness was shown to me, even life's breath was given to me
You can make this the time, we can make this the time
Giving with no regard, we can make this the time
This is so unexpected, are you hungry for change?
Realized, seeing in full
All clarity opened to me

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