Grow To Overthrow

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Just wait somebody will take it
Somebody will buy it, we will be alright
Oh Yeah somebody will take it
Somebody will smoke it, we will eat tonight

It's hard life we're living in the world today
When the poor man can never get ahead
And the rich man never pays his dues
But you got a family and a house to rent, between
The food and the bills your money's quickly spent
Cause that's the way it suits them to be
Well it takes money to make money they say
And if you got nothing you got jack shit today
Take a wage instead of a cut

So with your hard earned money are you gonna
Bank it, watch it dribble away with the day to day
While you increase someone's wealth
Well the earth'll give if up for you my friend
Just plant a seed watch it grow to the end
It's the poor man's oil
Sell an ounce for 300 dollars,
A fifty bags just three grams,
No GST on the black market

Grow! Grow to overthrow! we will be alright
Grow! Grow to overthrow! we will eat tonight
In your spare room now

Autor(es): Carus Thompson

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