Grow Up With Me

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Let's run in fields and fear the dark together
Fall of swings, and burn special things
And both play outside in bad weather

Let's eat badly
Let's watch adults drink wine and laugh at their idiocy
Let's sit in the back of the car
Making eye contact with strangers driving past
Making them uncomfortable

Not caring
Not swearing
Don't fuck

Let's both reclaim our superpowers
The ones we all have and lose with our milk teeth
The ability not to fear social awkwardness
To panic when locked in the cellar
Still sure there's something down there
And while picking from pillows each feather
Let's both stay away from the edge of the bed
Forcing us closer together

Let's sit in public, with ice cream all over both our faces
Sticking our tongues out at passers by
Let's cry
Let's swim
Let's everything

Let's not find it funny lest someone falls over
Classical music is boring
Poetry baffles us both
There's nothing that's said is what's meant
Plays are long, tiresom, sullend, and filled
With hours that could be spent rolling down hills
And grazing our knees on cement

Let's hear stories and both lose our inocence
Learn about parents and forgiveness
Death and morality
Kindness and art
Thus losing both of our innocent hearts
But at least we won't do it apart

Grow up with me

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