Gruesome Sunday Morning

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It's a gruesome Sunday morning and another heavy day
I'm looking in the mirror and my whites are turning red
It's another freaky Sunday thanks to yesterday
There's something sticky on the floor and my kitchen's in a mess
There's a body in the bathroom which I can't identify
but I really like to know who is that wasted guy?
I'm checking my apartment it's not a pretty sight
My dog is in a coma it must have been some night

Here comes another freaky day
And I'm feeling kinda strange
I guess I should have stayed in bed

This morning the devil called me on the phone
I pretended to be someone else and said ?Sorry he's not home?
he said ?uh huh! I'll call again? and then he said ?goodbye?
I wonder what he had to say I just can't figure it out

Here comes...

It's a beautiful Sunday morning but I'm too drained to smile
Getting up too early really gets me down
My soul is somewhere else oh, this is worse than Mondays
how can it be so cold in the middle of the summer?

Here comes...

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