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[flo rida]
I need a guarantee
Eh, eh, eh?eh
[flo rida]
Akon are you with me?
Akon and flo rida
[flo rida]
The world is you with me?

[chorus akon]
When i'm in the club imma need me a few of the things that the bar can't bring.
First it's money, second its me in the vip full of guarantees
You gotta be down if i'm gonna spend amends on you
You gotta be down if i'm gonna spend amends on you
She gotta be down, gotta love, that's me,
She gotta be down, for sure guarantee

[flo rida]
Be down for the cause, be my misses set it off, she can add to the po-po-po
Had some betsy ross, b-b-back up off the wall,
Satisfaction in my clause, satisfaction for my dawgs

I need passion from these broads, in the club do your strut guarantee me some love,
I need answers, keep the questions lets agree to some touch,
Run the tab, let me grab, i don't need a paragraph
Don't like talkin' on about flossin', only freaks on my staff

[chorus akon]

[flo rida]
All out all in, ninety-nine point nine percent
Girl you can't be hesitant, love your ex? excellent
Want more x? let's be friends,
Unprescripted medicine, that's a problem i don't
Bother not even no evidence
I need to know, one, when you gonna go get it done hun,
Two you ain't gotta be my boo i got a buggati
I want when i'm at the bar, exclusive, shorty spit at me,
No mucus, that don't mean i'll be your cupid
I ain't stupid baby, you can buzz

[chorus akon]

[flo rida]
Definitely a dime, right, when with me like flying
Kite, only cash, shows and ice,
Give flo rida sacrifice, shorty represent the night,
Stunting feed the appetite, say the price,
Paper tight, blow it like some candle light,
Vip the whole clique, got the moon rock wrapped around my wrist,
I'm about to waste, don't trip, like back in the day like 2 legit,
Where the love go, to my dub show,
We're on the sexy ghetto, where'd your new patron get us

[chorus akon]