Guarda la luna

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Caro, caro mio
Guarda la luna che brilla lassu,
How the moon glows
as it smiles over you
when you´re dreaming blissfully!
Dreaming, flying free,

Safe in your covers and
warm in your heart.
Safe with your mother,
her arms now around you.
You´ll drift, soon, off to sleep the deep...

Oh, dream of your youth
while I´m still by your side
dream of your manhood.
Pray I´m there to guide you
and when you grow old,
how my love still will shine?
Always remember my son...
you will always be mine!
Yes! Mine!

sai che ti voglio bene figliolo mio.
Guido, do you think that so many will love you as I do?

Guarda la luna,
she hangs in the sky
beaming her blessing
to make you and I know that
this one goodnight kiss
will keep all your life
perfect like this!

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