Guiding Star

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Open your eyes and see the Sun raising
To light your way on the Earth.
You have one way ticket
But One may pick it up
And send you to Murk.
We are playing a game in the name of
A quite dim desire that always lures us.
We live lives our own way - we think so
But there's an unseen hand that always rules us.

Run for your life. Know, you have a little time
To realize how helpless crumb you are.
To have enough pride is neither a sin nor a crime,
Since senses die let the pride be your own guiding star.

Open your ears and hear a bell tolling
For the fifth race on the Earth.
We all came from the Dark. Funeral flame
Will see us off to the Murk.
Live as if you were a butterfly
Living one-day life in utter rapture.
There's a thought god over there
Upstairs - go and bow to this lordly sculpture.

Run for your life…