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Wrap me up in guilt
If you think you can
Put your words in my mouth
I'll spit them out again

Are you sure you got a point?
I don't believe you
Where did it go baby?
I can't hear you

Do you always wake up thinking
Why I do the things I do
Are you really that naïve
To think it's all here for you
Are you?!

Wrap me up in guilt
Go ahead, you're all the same
Life's so easy isn't it
When you're never the one to blame

You look so desperate
Putting your smart labels on me
Well I'm not your type
Get your dirty hands off me

It's little heroes like you that have the big answers - hello?
Do you really think I'll sit and wait for you to say so?

Guilt, blame, dirt, shame
Yeah right, anything else?

Eyes full of envy
Mouth full of grease
Oh please…